!FIESTA! Quinceañera

Life for a Latinx immigrant family in the New South can be challenging and sometimes terrifying, but thankfully, there’s always a fiesta to take you through the night. ¡FIESTA! Quinceañera , is a feature documentary, based on the ITVS digital series, that weaves the lives of three Latina girls and a seasoned drag artist as they celebrate their quinceañera, a complex and colorful rite of passage. The creative spirit of Latinx communities and their struggle to retain their roots and traditions shine through this multicultural coming of age story for a new America.



Juana is a bright and fun teenager who has a foot in two cultures: Mexican and American. Born and raised in Durham, North Carolina, she is emblematic of the Nuevo South in that she and her family are part of an influx of Latinx who immigrated to southern states, specifically the Carolinas, over the past 20 years. Originally, she wanted a 60's themed party for her 15th birthday, but her mother pressured her to do a more traditional Mexican style quinceañera. One of the conditions of the party is that Juana undertake the formal Catholic sacraments of a quinceañera and join the church youth group. Although she generally gets along with her mother, tension has been high during the party planning. They are in conflict about everything from the dress to the music.



Fernanda is planning her quinceñera with that hybrid quality in mind. Many aspects underscore the traditional family participation in the party (her grandmother is making the dress, the decorations are made by the entire family, etc.) Yet another side celebrates the culture where she was born: North Carolina.


Melida and Jonathan

Melida and Jonathan, both originally from Guerrero, Mexico, have several years operating TUS15TV, a business that brings fantasy to life for the young women celebrating their quincaeñera. They make elaborate MTV style videos for the quinceañeras to show at their parties and share online with their friends. They use quick editing, flashy special effects, drone shots and majestic settings to bring fantasy to life.


Oscar and la pakis

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Angie is a smart and confident young woman who is independent yet dedicated to helping her family. She decided to postpone her quinceañera party so it wouldn't be a financial burden on the family given it was her brother's first year at NC State University. This year she will be celebrating what she calls a mix between a quinceañera and sweet-sixteen; it's also a way for her to recognize both the Mexican and American influences in her life.